By: Margaret | February 28, 2018

The snow's starting to abate, the temperatures are rising, and spring seems just around the corner! Spring can be a great time to reevaluate your book marketing efforts and to step up your game. Here are a few tips to help your book marketing efforts bloom anew:

1. Attend Events

Not sure how to reach out to your audience? Try finding events in your area that cater to local authors or that have a tie-in with the themes of your book. If you write sci-fi or fantasy, check out local comic-cons or similar events. If you've written a cookbook, check out local food festivals! Even if the event doesn't have a direct connection with your book, many authors find success at community fairs, festivals, and the like. Putting yourself out there on the loca...

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By: Margaret | January 10, 2018

For many new authors, marketing their books can seem boring - or even intimidating! Authors are often uncomfortable with promoting themselves and their work, or think that book marketing is too complicated. However, there are a few simple things any author can do to promote their book from the comfort of their own home!

1. Set up a website. Setting up a website is a great way to make sure that fans can find you on the internet. A simple, clean website listing your background, publications, and where people can buy your book is a great way to establish an online presence and provide information to both dedicated and potential readers. We suggest a simple url such as [authorname].com for best results.

2. Be present on social media. Even if you'...

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By: Margaret | December 11, 2017

Here at PenPower, we're firm believers in the value of books as great presents for the holiday season. In our humble opinion, there's nothing better than curling up at the end of the day with a new book next to a crackling fire. (Bonus points if it's snowing.) What's more, there really is something for everyone - from the mystery junky on your list to the fine art aficionado and everything in between. If you're looking to jumpstart your holiday shopping, check out these recently released titles!

1. Missing by Diane Lynn

Diane Lynn's Missing is the gripping, heart-in-your-throat sequel to her debut novel, The Secondary Target. After the terrifying events of the previous book, attorney Beth Scott now has the perfect life, l...

By: Margaret | November 13, 2017

Faith Strong's latest book, The Glories of Aging, is an Award Finalist in the "Health: Aging/50+" category of the 2017 Best Book Awards! Here at PenPower we're thrilled that this wonderful little book is getting the recognition that it deserves.

Check out Faith and other award winners on the American Book Fest site. And if you're interested, hop on over to Amazon and pick up a copy of Faith's book!

On the political side of things, author S.M. Miller has a new article titled "Anticipating the Politically Unanticipated" up at the wonderful progressive magazine Counterpunch. Mike is a treasure trove of wisdom in these troubled times, and we're so glad to see more of his work in print!

By: Margaret | November 06, 2017

This week's author spotlight features co-authors Scott Angus and Emily Sopensky, who have collaborated on their new book Snake Medicine - Sacred Earth Sites: Seeing the Unseen, Volume 1.

This collection of photographs, essays, and interviews is the first in a series of personal odysseys that explore sacred earth sites. Capturing the power of these ancient spiritual places, the book leads readers on a journey through locations seldom seen by the human eye, allowing
us to spy on the great natural landscapes and intuit their inner secrets.

With the explorer and novice photographer in mind, Scott Angus, a university educator in photography, art theory, and the visual arts, shares why and how he was drawn to each site, speculation on what forc...