By: Jeanie C Williams | October 11, 2018

Marc Romanelli started his professional life as a photographer, and was able to travel the world in pursuit of his photos. Whether he was working with a person or a place he was able to find and showcase the beautiful soul of his subjects by utilizing a loose, fluid style of work that allowed him to adapt quickly.

It was this sense of fluidity that carried Romanelli to his next passion: writing. And just as he’d found the flow that allowed him to see and reveal the story in his photographs, he channeled that same energy into telling his own stories.

The result is his debut book, The Imagination Warriors, which has already received a prestigious 2018 Mom’s Choice Silver Award.

The story brings together three heroes, Philomena, whose adven...

By: Jeanie C Williams | September 29, 2018

Books are everywhere. From the newest must-read megahit to the independently published novel from a friend, it seems that one hears about a new book at every turn. And with the proliferation of e-readers, and book apps on phones and tablets, it’s easier than ever to carry around a virtual library for on-the-go reading.

If it seems like there are more books than ever before, you’re right. According to Bowker, the official ISBN agency of the US, there are now over 1 millions books released each year between both traditional and self-published works. Combined with millions of existing available titles, it’s increasingly difficult for a book to rise to prominence or get any kind of meaningful publicity. And the struggle for visibility isn’t li...

By: Jeanie C Williams | September 06, 2018

Gerry Orz created a name for himself at a young age. Dedicated to the art of storytelling, he began writing and producing his own films at the age of eight, and at nine released the short film Day of Silence, which encouraged California lawmakers to enact legislation for a Bullying Prevention Day.

Following his early successes Orz turned his attention to writing, and in 2017 released his debut novel Lucky or Not, Here I Come. The story focuses on John Wilson, who is convinced that he will never live up to his parents’ expectations. However a series of extraordinary events changes his life forever.

Now Orz is scheduled for two readings and signings in the Los Angeles area in September 2018. It’s a perfect opportunity for both fans and newcom...

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By: Margaret | February 28, 2018

The snow's starting to abate, the temperatures are rising, and spring seems just around the corner! Spring can be a great time to reevaluate your book marketing efforts and to step up your game. Here are a few tips to help your book marketing efforts bloom anew:

1. Attend Events

Not sure how to reach out to your audience? Try finding events in your area that cater to local authors or that have a tie-in with the themes of your book. If you write sci-fi or fantasy, check out local comic-cons or similar events. If you've written a cookbook, check out local food festivals! Even if the event doesn't have a direct connection with your book, many authors find success at community fairs, festivals, and the like. Putting yourself out there on the loca...

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By: Margaret | January 10, 2018

For many new authors, marketing their books can seem boring - or even intimidating! Authors are often uncomfortable with promoting themselves and their work, or think that book marketing is too complicated. However, there are a few simple things any author can do to promote their book from the comfort of their own home!

1. Set up a website. Setting up a website is a great way to make sure that fans can find you on the internet. A simple, clean website listing your background, publications, and where people can buy your book is a great way to establish an online presence and provide information to both dedicated and potential readers. We suggest a simple url such as [authorname].com for best results.

2. Be present on social media. Even if you'...

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