By: Margaret | January 10, 2018

For many new authors, marketing their books can seem boring - or even intimidating! Authors are often uncomfortable with promoting themselves and their work, or think that book marketing is too complicated. However, there are a few simple things any author can do to promote their book from the comfort of their own home!

1. Set up a website. Setting up a website is a great way to make sure that fans can find you on the internet. A simple, clean website listing your background, publications, and where people can buy your book is a great way to establish an online presence and provide information to both dedicated and potential readers. We suggest a simple url such as [authorname].com for best results.

2. Be present on social media. Even if you're not a huge social media fan, platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to get your name out there and make sure that interested readers have access to information about your book. Setting up these accounts takes a matter of minutes, and can be a great way to interact with the broader literary community.

3. Goodreads. Goodreads is a fantastic resource for both readers and authors. Authors can create author profiles for themselves, and add their books to the database if they're not already listed. Goodreads also allows fans to interact directly with the author through Q&As, book giveaways, and more.

4. Start a newsletter. Newsletters can be a great way to keep family, friends, and fans in the loop, and to make sure that readers are aware of any upcoming releases, events, promotions, etc. They're also a great way to keep in touch with a dedicated fan base, and make sure that you don't fall off their radar!

With just a little bit of time and computer savvy, most authors can create a great online presence for their book and themselves. Still need help? PenPower's always happy to assist authors with their marketing needs, from small tweaks to big projects. Happy marketing!

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