Our Portfolio of Services

PenPower is poised to take your book to new heights — whether it be creating a media kit, booking radio interviews, print and other broadcast media, serial rights, award competitions, pre and post-publication book reviews, social media development and tutoring, website evaluation and enhancement or creation of a brand new website for your publishing company, book, or you as an author. We also enjoy a premium vendor relationship with Baker & Taylor (wholesale distributors who can place your books in brick and mortar bookstores.)


Researching, querying, and following up with potential endorsers for your book. A book without praise is a book that lingers on the shelf. 

Serial Rights (First & Second)

Submitting suitable portions of your book to appropriate magazines for excerpting.

Pre- & Post-pub Book Reviews

“Pitching” your book to newspaper, magazine, and syndicated reviewers both online and off. We will also keep you apprised of all reviews that come to print online. 

Website Evaluation/Creation 

Assessing your website to help maximize its appeal to media, retailers, and your primary audience, while ensuring its parity with Amazon and other competitor sites.  Also design and creation of publisher, author or book website(s).

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Monitoring your website to maximize your book’s visibility, sales, and capacity to appear on page 1 of the search engine results pages. A mastery tool for driving Internet traffic to your site and pressing the Buy button.

Product Development: Postcards, Bookmarks, T-Shirts, Magnets, Book Bags, etc.

Composing, designing, and producing such giveaway items according to your specifications, as well as arranging for bulk printing.

Ebook Conversion

Converting book files, including images, to any or all commonly recognized eBook formats for use with Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, iPhone, and other eBook devices.

Media Kit

Creating a customized media kit to promote you and your book to reviewers, interviewers, producers, bookstores, booking agents, and more.

Book Signings & Speaking Engagements

Arranging signings, workshops or presentations in bookstores or other settings, with cross promotions in the local print and broadcast media.

Flyer Campaigns

Designing and mailing an eye-catching flyer to distributors, wholesalers, and specialty stores to announce publication of your book, offer holiday specials, include in co-op mailings, and generally enhance your book’s visibility.

Social Media Marketing

Enhancing your book’s online visibility through social marketing tools including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more in order to help identify and reach specific audiences using your own personal touch, or create an audience network with our assistance.

Distributor Liaison

Securing distributors and maintaining ongoing interface for optimum sales efficiency.

Book Trailers

Creating a short promotional video for your book that gives viewers a visual teaser of what to expect. 

Establishing Accounts with Online Retailers

Loading your printed book for sale on Amazon and and making your e-book available for download to eReader, Kindle, Nook, and others, as well as setting your title up through IndieBound (for Independent Booksellers).

Establishing Accounts with Bookstores that Accept Self-Published Titles

Submitting your printed book for sale at Barnes & Noble as well as independent bookstores that stock self-published titles.

Niche Markets

Arranging distribution of your book into specialty retail outlets, which account for about 30% of all books sold, including gift stores, spas, religious stores, airport shops, car washes, pet stores, hair salons, gourmet shops, hospital gift shops, campgrounds, etc!

Awards & Competitions

Researching suitable awards and competitions and entering your book for consideration.

Radio & TV Interviews

Booking TV and radio appearances. (Radio interviews can be conducted from the comfort of your home via Skype or telephone!)

Library Campaign

Generating sales to libraries (there are more than 150,000 in the United States!) via reviews in trade journals, listings with major library wholesalers, and direct e-mail incentives.

Exhibits & Co-Op Advertising

Finding representation and arranging for your book to be featured at book expos, conferences, book fairs, and trade shows.

Catalog Sales

Approaching targeted catalogs that showcase books for exclusive or nonexclusive inclusion of your title.

College Adoptions

Researching and querying college and university departments to include your book as required or supplemental reading.

Book Clubs

Researching and presenting your book to appropriate book clubs.