All That’s Fit to Print…

Jeanie C Williams
08.07.19 03:09 PM Comment(s)

With so many books released each year it can be difficult to find a way to stand above the crowd. Friends, word of mouth, and social media are just some of the valuable tools an author cab utilize to promote a book, but one of the best ways to reach more potential readers is through media interviews and endorsements. Print and broadcast media (radio and television) appearances and/or mentions can reach thousands of potential readers at once. And many of the audience members or listeners may already have an interest in your genre or niche.

But, with thousands of newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs, it can be difficult to narrow down options and target those venues most likely to highlight your book. At PenPower, we do the work for our authors by researching the venues that are in alignment with your subject matter.  We look for venues that offer a similar target audience, and we reach out with a professionally-designed media kit which includes an informative book page, press release, author bio, author photo and some Q&A’s. Notably, this leaves you, the author/writer, with more time to focus on your own writing and creative endeavors.


If you think about it, there’s probably a newsletter, newspaper, or magazine for readers interested in what you have to say! Industries and interests large and small have dedicated publications bringing subscribers the latest news, trends and information relevant to them, and for authors there’s no better audience than one whose interests align with the subject matter of your book. Reaching out to these outlets is one of the best ways to get a book in front of an eager customer!  

Some examples of publications that have featured PenPower authors include Golf Tips Magazine, New Mexico Stockman, Atlantic Monthly, Modern Loss, The Jenny McCarthy Show, New Mexico Living, Fine Lifestyles Magazine, Wellbeing Journal, Open to Hope, Paradise Valley Lifestyle, Coast Magazine, Focus on Women, Nation of Change, and USA Today.


With its reach and presence in everyday life, radio is an excellent source of news and entertainment. Music, news, and niche programming are all available to listeners at all hours of the day, and with so many options there are multiple programs that look for unique ways to focus on topics relevant to their listeners. From local interest stories to shows that have a particular focus there is no lack of opportunity in radio. PenPower authors have appeared as guests on several radio shows, including: The Richard Eeds Show, Transitions Radio, Radio Café with Mary-Charlotte Domandi, Kids First! New Mexico, Cline’s Corner with Lynn Cline (KSFR), Report from Santa Fe, and KUNM Women’s Focus with Susan Thom Loubet. 


Television interviews are an ideal way to connect a face with a book, and may offer deeper insights into the inspiration and driving factors that guide an author’s process. Television also has the advantage over radio of being able to connect your provocative cover and illustrations to your work.

PenPower authors have appeared as guests on television shows including New Mexico Living PBS Santa Fe & Albuquerque, Hutton Broadcasting, local Oregon, Arizona and New York  affiliates.


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