Author’s To-Do: Start a Blog

Jeanie C Williams
01.07.20 11:20 PM Comment(s)

Youve written your book, and unleashed it to the world. But as your publication date recedes into the past, you notice fewer visits to your website. Worse, your website falls lower in search engines for some of your key terms. 

What can you do? Traffic is the lifeblood of the internet, and it can help to keep your book performing well. How do you get more traffic to your website? 

One of the Simplest and Most Effective Solutions is to Start a Blog. 

A blog might seem to be a lot of work, but it has two major benefits. The first is that it brings people who have already liked your book back for more. The second is that it offers regular content to search engines, which encourages visits to your site more often, which helps to keep your site performing well. 

There's No Way I Can Blog Regularly!

Regular blog posts dont have to be a daily or even weekly occurrence. In fact, its better to start slow and aim for one post a month. Consistency is the key. 

Once youre accustomed to regular posting you can decide if youre capable of more. Just remember, its better to post less often and keep a schedule, than to churn out posts for a short window only to abandon the blog for months. 

But What Do I Write About?

While the answer largely depends on your target audience, the short answer is: anything. 

Most people who visit your website to read your blog will be looking for your insight. How you present that is up to you. If you wrote a non-fiction book, one of the easiest things to write about is more of what you wrote about in your book. Give additional details or tips, perhaps exercises that your readers can use. 

Fiction authors can also benefit from a blog. Short or side-stories, reviews of books youre reading, details on upcoming books or just keeping fans informed about your life are all good topics. 

So now that you have an idea of what you can do, have fun exploring all the possibilities with your new blog.