Spring Book Marketing Tips

28.02.18 07:52 PM Comment(s)

The snow's starting to abate, the temperatures are rising, and spring seems just around the corner! Spring can be a great time to reevaluate your book marketing efforts and to step up your game. Here are a few tips to help your book marketing efforts bloom anew:

1. Attend Events

Not sure how to reach out to your audience? Try finding events in your area that cater to local authors or that have a tie-in with the themes of your book. If you write sci-fi or fantasy, check out local comic-cons or similar events. If you've written a cookbook, check out local food festivals! Even if the event doesn't have a direct connection with your book, many authors find success at community fairs, festivals, and the like. Putting yourself out there on the local level can have a huge snowball effect, even as the piles of snow melt away in your backyard.

2. Ramp up Your Social Media Presence

Most authors have heard that social media is important for book marketing, but it can be easy to let it slide by the wayside, especially in the long winter months when you'd probably rather be curled up reading or writing than marketing. But even just a few posts a week can make a huge difference in boosting your reputation and getting your name in front of potential new readers. The key is to be organic, have fun, and post regularly!

3. Get Creative

Every book has a different angle, and every author can exploit that! Whatever your book is about, there's probably a niche that it fits into and a devoted fan base just waiting to get their hands on it. Don't know any groups or organizations related to your book? Spend some time doing a little research and send your book out to a few groups that might be interested in reading, reviewing, or maybe even purchasing your books. You never know who will become your next biggest fan!

Happy marketing!