Why You Need a Marketing Partner for Your Book

Jeanie C Williams
29.09.18 11:36 AM Comment(s)

Books are everywhere. From the newest must-read megahit to the independently published novel from a friend, it seems that one hears about a new book at every turn. And with the proliferation of e-readers, and book apps on phones and tablets, it’s easier than ever to carry around a virtual library for on-the-go reading.

If it seems like there are more books than ever before, you’re right. According to Bowker, the official ISBN agency of the US, there are now over 1 millions books released each year between both traditional and self-published works. Combined with millions of existing available titles, it’s increasingly difficult for a book to rise to prominence or get any kind of meaningful publicity. And the struggle for visibility isn’t limited to self-published books. With shrinking marketing budgets from publishers, many traditionally published authors are also primarily responsible for their own marketing campaigns.

The struggle for many authors is often that they are not marketers, nor do they have the connections or expertise to implement a marketing plan. Between social media, traditional media placements, awards, readings and more, it’s a venture that can leave even the most adventurous author overwhelmed, and worse, take away valuable time from writing their next book.

What can a marketing partner do for you?

One of the most critical things a marketing partner provides is the expertise in knowing how best to position your book. They can help you answer critical questions like: Who is the target audience? What awards is the book eligible for? What other avenues can be explored to increase visibility?

Beyond that, your marketing partner should help you to develop a budget and a strategy for your book, whether it’s in simply increasing exposure via a social media campaign, applying for awards, crafting a targeted strategy timed around the release of the book, or inquiring about readings and signings.

Most importantly, a marketing partner provides peace of mind in knowing that your book is being expertly handled, freeing you as an author to focus your efforts on crafting your next masterpiece.

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