Author Spotlight: Brian Ray, author of Revelations Incorporated: Workplace Wisdom for the 21st Century

23.10.17 04:34 PM Comment(s)

Throughout the next few weeks, we're going to use this space to highlight some of the wonderful authors that we work with, as well as their current and upcoming books! First up is Brian Ray, author of Revelations Incorporated: Workplace Wisdom for the 21st Century. Brian is a business expert and an independent consultant with over twenty years of experience in the industry, and Revelations Incorporated is his first book.

Brian's book is full of helpful tips and tricks for those who are lacking in business know-how. Entering the workforce can be daunting; business courses rarely prepare new graduates for the bureaucracy, office politics, power plays and jockeying for position, nepotism, and other frustrations that are part of a typical workplace environment. Brian explains the different hurdles employees may face, and how to tackle them with grace and integrity, while still keeping your job, or finding your way to a better one!

Brian draws on his extensive experience in the corporate world to discuss such issues as workplace bullying, fair compensation, downsizing, offshoring, unrealistic management expectations, and so much more. Part how-to guide, part insightful business analysis, and full of helpful advice and anecdotes, Revelations Incorporated gives those new to the workplace the knowledge they need to thrive in a difficult work environment.

    You can find out more about Brian at his website, where you can also purchase copies of his book!