Author Spotlight: Scott Angus and Emily Sopensky

06.11.17 07:56 PM Comment(s)

This week's author spotlight features co-authors Scott Angus and Emily Sopensky, who have collaborated on their new book Snake Medicine - Sacred Earth Sites: Seeing the Unseen, Volume 1.

This collection of photographs, essays, and interviews is the first in a series of personal odysseys that explore sacred earth sites. Capturing the power of these ancient spiritual places, the book leads readers on a journey through locations seldom seen by the human eye, allowing
us to spy on the great natural landscapes and intuit their inner secrets.

With the explorer and novice photographer in mind, Scott Angus, a university educator in photography, art theory, and the visual arts, shares why and how he was drawn to each site, speculation on what forces power the site, and what was captured in the photograph. Emily Sopensky provides information for each place on the itinerary, adding historical context and geographical details to the sites captured in the photos.

Snake Medicine is a moving and insightful tour of the sacred sites of the American landscape, and a visual diary of Scott’s journey across America. You can find out more about the book on Scott and Emily's website, where it is also available for purchase.